Capital Gains Plan

Who should buy?

Individuals earning salary income from multiple employers

Having income/loss from multiple house properties

Income from other sources such as interest, commission, dividend etc up to any amount

Capital gains/losses on sale of Land/Building

Capital gains on sale of shares, mutual funds, Debt-oriented funds and other securities


Payment of filing fee

Mail documents to

Team shall go thorugh the same and call/mail back with clarification.

Preparation of draft computation sheet

Filing of return and sending acknowledgement

Documents required( to the extent applicable)

Income tax portal credentials

Mobile No. & Emailid

Bank account number & IFSC

Part A & Part B of form 16

Housing loan statement

Details of House Property such as

Address with Pincode

Rental amount received

Tenant Name

Municipal tax copy

Pan of Co-owner

Details of income from savings bank, Fixed deposits, Dividend income , Commission or any other income

For capital gains/losses on sale of land/Building

Date of purchase

Purchase price

Details of registration cost

Inheritance details

Cost of improvements

Sale value/Stamp duty value

Expenses incurred in connection with sale

PAN & Address of the buyers

For capital gains on sale of shares & securities

Capital gains/Profit & Loss statement from Stock broker


Need Clarifications?

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FAQs Related to Capital Gains Plan

In simple terms it is the gain arising on sale of capital asset. Capital asset can be shares, securities, mutual funds, debt funds, Land, Building etc.

It depends on whether Capital gains is short term or long term. Different rates of taxes are applicable for short term and long term.

Yes. You cannot carryforward losses to subsequent years if you do not file return. These carryforward losses can be set off against gains made any in subsequent years.

Indexation benefit is only available for computation of long-term capital gains except in few cases. For Short term capital gains computation indexation benefit is not available.

Yes, belated return can be filed before the specified date. However, interest and late filing fee will be applicable and losses if any cannot be carried forward.

Yes. Income Tax department has allowed filing return within 24 months from the end of the assessment year for which the return is not filed. It is however subject to certain conditions.

Depends on the documents made available to us. Once all details are provided, we shall file within 2-3 days.

Yes. Notices received under Sec.143(1) & 139(9) will be attended to without charging any additional fee. For subsequent responses we will charge fee as per normal rates.

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