Income Tax notice handling

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Received notice from the Income Tax dept after filing return of income u/s. 143(1) reducing the refund/increasing taxable or inconsistencies in the return filed.

Received notice u/s.139(9) on the ground that the return filed in defective in nature or certain deficiencies have been noticed

Notice of demand u/s.156 demanding tax to be paid


Payment of filing fee

Mail documents to

Team shall go thorugh the same and call/mail back with clarification.

Preparation of draft reply

Submission of final reply

Documents required( to the extent applicable)

Income tax portal credentials

Copy of notice issued


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Income Tax notice handling


FAQs Related to Income Tax notice handling

This notice is a computer generated one stating any errors made or any interest/tax found payable or refundable. This notice is generated automatically and has no human intervention. These intimations are often sent via email within a time frame.

Its basically a notice issued for defects identified in the return filed. It could be issued for the following reasons

  • Incomplete ITR
  • TDS claimed but related income not reported
  • Relating to Income Tax Audit
  • Related to incomes appearing in 26AS but not reported in return
  • Relating to books of accounts etc

It is notice of demand. Where any tax, interest, penalty is payable in respect of any assessment order passed then notice is issued u/s.156  mentioning the amount to be paid. It will continue to appear as “Outstanding demand” in the portal which has to be responded to either by agreeing or disagreeing.

This notice is issued when the Income Tax Department proposes to adjust any demands due for any of the previous years against refund claimed for any year.

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